Willow Member Artists Published in ti< Journal

A big thank you to Catherine Parayre- Associate Professor at Brock University, Modern Languages (French) and Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture- for publishing our member artists in the online publication ti<.

ti< is a peer reviewed journal that publishes creative work combining text and image. The journal is primarily interested in creative work by Brock University students, their instructors, as well as by artists and writers whose work combines literature and the visual arts.

Featured Willow Community Artists:

Mary Burke, Darryl Burr, Charles Fassel, Jordinn James, Shauna MacLeod, Cathy Poolton*, Sheena, Lucia Capparelli, Evelyn Bastos, Farrow Mascoe, Paul Relinski, Inspired Spirit, Leah Lattimer, K.L., Paul Koshty, Sarah Carter, Joanne Shennan, and Catherine Parayre.

Click the link below to view:

ti< online journal

Congratulations to our members! We will be working with Catherine again in our upcoming program seasons and we look forward to being considered for publication again next year.

~Belong Empower Create~  Shauna MacLeod

*Cathy Poolton, a passionate Willow Community member, passed away this past November. Her talents were celebrated and her contribution will live on.

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