John Sweeney

John Sweeney has an Honours Degree in Theatre and English from York University and is a Specialist in Teaching Drama and Special Education. He apprenticed at Shaw and was the youngest member of The Stratford Young Company. John was also one of the founding actors in St. Catharine’s Carousel Players.  He recently retired from teaching after fourteen years as director of Theatre at Ridley College. He is most proud of how he presently feels he is able to use his theatrical, language and teaching skills to deliver programmes in the arts, which reflect his own battles with depression and his lifetime in the arts. John is also part of the Patient Partner Team for Niagara Health and advises on improving their delivery care, especially in areas of mental health. John shares that “The Willow has allowed me to help others regain their health through the arts, while doing the same thing for me. I am honoured to be a member.”

For Willow, John has taught poetry, and been a co-editor of our Zine for three issues.

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