Tonia M’igyver

Tonia is a skilled multidisciplinary artist who excels in painting, writing, sculpture, and movement of various kinds. She has considerable physical intelligence, leveraging the strength of her body to challenge her own limitations and endurance. Her prowess lends her a physical advantage to problem solving, granting her intuition to the inner workings of our bodies, and an inherent understanding of what their needs might be. Joyful movement has been a part of Tonia’s daily life for as long as she can remember. As a child and teenager, she was in both competitive karate and gymnastics, and practiced both for over ten years. After becoming a sensei she turned her focus to instructing others in the craft. As an adult, she teaches gymnastics, inspiring the next generation of athletes and entertainers. Spontaneity and freedom are at the core of Tonia’s teaching methods. She tailors movements to an individual’s particular needs – including those with physical disabilities – making movement inclusive, accessible, and equitable. It is her goal for her students to be able to find themselves at home within their bodies, and re-examine their notions of physical activity, using it as a means for radical self-love, play, and artistic expression.

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