Are you an aspiring, emerging, or established artist living in the Niagara region?

Are you 18+ and have lived experience of mental health/addictions?

Onboarding processes to join the Willow are year-round and involve an initial orientation interview. Staff and new member artists complete a membership form that evaluates goals and experience, review the code of conduct policies, and explore the Willow programs together.

For further information about membership please contact 905-328-9277 or email to explore eligibility for membership. New member registration will begin August 2019 for our Fall season (Sept-Nov) Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times.


What is the cost of membership?
Membership is free to all eligible member artists.

Do I have to be enrolled in traditional mental health/addictions recovery services to be eligible?
No. You are eligible for membership if you are currently receiving support from any mental health or addiction service or have in the past. Memberships are also appropriate to individuals who are exploring their wellness/recovery in alternative, community settings.

Do I have to be an experienced artist to join?

No. We have programs for all levels of experience.

 How much do courses cost?
Courses and opportunities are free to all registered member artists. Materials are provided unless otherwise specified.

Do I need a referral from a Doctor to prove my eligibility?

Is there a waiting list?
The onboarding process from the time an individual first gets in touch with us and the time we conduct an orientation interview takes on average 2-4 weeks.

Do you provide art therapy?

No, Willow Arts Community is a non-clinical, community service that celebrates the therapeutic value of peer support, artistic expression, social inclusion, and empowerment. All programs are hosted in active arts environments like Rodman Hall Art Centre, Niagara Artists Centre, Suitcase in Point, and Mahtay Cafe and Lounge. All programs are taught by local professional artists.