Memberships grant access to artistic programs and creative opportunities and are free for artists and creatives (18+) with lived or living experience of mental illness/substance use in Niagara.  Programs and opportunities change each season, and are listed here. 

As a Willow member, you are welcome to:

  • Express interest in registered courses and workshops
  • Attend drop-in studio times
  • Participate in special projects
  • Gain access to basic art supplies and equipment (restrictions may apply)
  • Gain access to our resource library
  • Present work in group showcases, exhibitions, and in publications
  • Provide feedback to improve our organziation
  • Volunteer with day-to-day studio management 
  • Apply to lead projects and teach programming

Willow members have indicated these benefits of joining:

  • Increased sense of value and belonging to a community
  • Feelings of motivation, creativity, and inspiration
  • Increased social interaction and development of communication skills, accountability, and goal setting
  • Access to arts courses and creative outlets gives members a sense of hope and a sense of purpose
  • Relationships with family and friends have improved as a result of creative activities
  • Increased skills related to art practices and a higher level of output
  • Larger professional and social network
  • Improved employability skills
  • Meaningful activities resulting in fewer negative mental health symptoms


“I have looked my whole life to fit into something. A place where I could express my artistic side and also grow it. This is what Willow has done for me.”

“Helps me make time to focus on art projects, helps with marketing, growth development and training, social aspects and connecting to other artists who are creating and selling work.”

“I find the programs not only therapeutic but also enabling, educational and challenging. The Willow program is primarily responsible for my pursuit of the arts at a professional level. I look forward to continued growth opportunities through the Willow.”

“It’s a non-judgmental space to learn and create.”

“I enjoy the community. Trusting and setting healthy boundaries in a safe environment. Playing with like- minded artists and learning from each other. And knowing that the instructors have been down similar paths gives me hope.”

“It helps me to have opportunities to express myself creatively and develop my artistic skills. I have made valuable connections and friendships there.”