How much do classes, workshops or seminars cost?

All provided free to registered Member Artists.

Do I have to be an experienced (or good) artist to join?

No. There are programs & opportunities for all levels of experience (aspiring, emerging & established Member Artists)

How do I join?

Click here for information on how to join.

Do you supply materials?

Materials for workshops, seminars, & classes are provided unless otherwise specified. Member Artists are encouraged to bring their own supplies & materials to the Open Studio (some supplies are provided)

Do I need a referral from a doctor/social worker or prove my eligibility?


Is there a waiting list?

No. Open Houses are hosted once a month during each season.

What are your hours of operation?

The majority of programs & opportunities happen within the 3 Professional Arts Training seasons Fall (September-November), Winter (January- March), & Spring (April- June).

Special events & opportunities sometimes run in December & throughout the summer (July-August).

Class times change season to season & are based on the availability of our program partners, instructors, feedback from our Member Artists & staff. Classes typically run during the afternoon and evenings Monday – Friday.

Click here to download the most recent Program Guide

Do you provide art therapy?

No, Willow Arts Community is an arts & mental health organization that celebrates the therapeutic value of artistic creation/expression, peer support, social inclusion, & stigma reduction. All programs are taught by local professional artists, many living with mental illness/substance use. All programs are located within local arts organizations like Rodman Hall Art Centre, Suitcase in Point Theatre Company, Niagara Artists Centre, and Mahtay Cafe and Lounge.