1. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions and check out our website and social media to make sure we are a good fit for you.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] or call 905-328-9277 to express interest in joining. Staff will ask basic questions to ensure suitability. We will never ask you to disclose personal details about your mental health.
  3. An online application will be emailed. Additional support can be provided on the phone if requested. The application will ask you to share any previous and current artistic and creative experiences, asks you to consider your goals and identity as an artist or creative individual, and inquires about any accessibility and safety needs to ensure we can support your participation.
  4. Staff will review your application and indicate if there is a waiting list. You will be notified by email if/when your application has been approved. You will be sent our  Code of Conduct and Room Agreement .
  5. Once registered, you are eligible to participate in our current and upcoming seasons. Staff will communicate via email, and our social media and website are updated regularly. 
  6. Staff will provide a tour of our facilities on your first visit. Visit our Contact page to learn more about our location. Text or call 905-328-9277 if you need help locating our studio.